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Established 1980
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C. F. Casey Guitars: custom-designed stringed instruments made with old-fashioned care and attention.

Luthier Fred Casey works closely with each customer, ensuring that the finished product reflects the aesthetic and playing style of its owner. From the body size, neck length and choice of materials to the rosette, position markers and inlay design, each C. F. Casey Guitar is created with you in mind.

Such care and attention to every detail is a time-consuming process, but Fred's refusal to cut corners is exactly what makes a C. F. Casey stringed instrument well worth the wait! And of course, all our instruments are fully warranted.

Fred will repair your stringed instruments as well. From minor adjustments to major trauma, you can be assured of quality work. A free estimate is always given before any work is done.

For more details, or if you would like to come and visit the shop (by appointment only, please), feel free to Contact Us. You'll "Hear the sound that Quality makes!"

NOTE: Although we hate to do it, due to the rising price of tonewoods and supplies C. F. Casey Guitars (and `Ukuleles) will be raising prices as of January 01, 2019. But if you order by December 31, 2018 you will still be able to commission your instrument at these prices. If you've been thinking about it, NOW is the time!

Truss rod adjustments $25.00
Action adjustment (neck, saddle & truss rod) $60.00
Quickie nut fix (bone filings & glue) $25.00
New nut or saddle $85.00
Level & recrown frets $50.00 - $150.00
Refret (unbound fingerboard) $250.00
(bound fingerboard) $350.00
Bridge reglue (simple) $75.00
Bridge remove & reglue $150.00-$200.00
New bridge $250.00
Brace reglue $100.00
Neck reglue $100.00 and up
Other work (1 hour minimum) $80.00/hr.
(Plus materials)
Estimates No charge
All other repairs Ask Fred

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