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We now have a new incarnation of our website and we will be bringing you exciting news about our work here at C.F. Casey Guitars!

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Happy New Year! We wish all our clients a healthy, safe and successful 2019.

How time flies! It may be have been January 1st, but Fred was already back in the shop working on commissions. 2018 was a great year for C. F. Casey Guitars & `Ukuleles! A total of 16 instruments were completed and delivered to their owners; 15 ukuleles and 1 guitar. And while many stayed right here in the Province of Manitoba, several made their way across Canada, to British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. And one - the last one built in 2018 - made its way to a very loving home in San Francisco. Along with the instrument, Fred provides a CD containing photographs of the entire building process, from boards to finished uke or guitar - a 'baby book' of sorts. That way the owner can see all the care that goes into each and every build. 

The newest info is that Fred will be teaching a "Make an Anglo-Saxon Lyre" workshop at Lee Valley Tools in Winnipeg. Classes are January 31, Feb.01 and Feb.08, and run from 6:00 - 9:00pm. The fee for the course is $150 and supplies are included. There are only 8 spaces and they fill up quickly, so if you're interested call Lee Valley and register at (204) 779-7467.

One concern to builders are the CITES regulations regarding endangered woods. Instruments built with these woods can be confiscated - and kept! - at the US border. At present, all species of rosewood are strictly controlled as to importation and exportation. And, it may be that mahogany and some species of ebony will join them sometime in the near future. C. F. Casey Guitars & Ukuleles is committed to responsible stewardship of our forest resources, and Fred is determined to use ecologically sound and responsibly-harvested woods in his luthiery. We provide a list stating all materials used in the construction of any instruments, along with a statement saying that they all comply with CITES regulations. After all, no-one wants to be parted from their instrument.

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