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Proud Owners:

Here are the websites of a few of our friends/clients who make GREAT music on C.F.Casey instruments.

• Kate Ferris (2 guitars, 7 `ukuleles, and more!) www.kateferris.ca
• Deborah Romeyn (Acoustic Guitar) www.deborahromeyn.com
• Bill Elphick (Dulcibozysen): www.billelphick.com
• Judy Cook (Concert Ukulele): www.skytap.ca
• Ken Whiteley (Acoustic Bass): www.kenwhiteley.com
•"Manitoba Hal" Brolund (Soprano & Casey "RadioSonic" Double-Neck Ukuleles): www.manitobahal.com
• Paul Hann (12-String Acoustic Guitar): www.paulhann.com
• Paul Madryga (7-string classical): www.madrygaguitar.ca/Madryga7String.htm
• Stewart Fay (12-string Acoustic):http://baltimoreroad.com

The Luthier's World:

• For information, contacts, instruments plans, help...the GUILD OF AMERICAN LUTHIERS or "GAL" has it all. Every builder, regardless of ability, should belong!: www.luth.org

NOTABLE WOODS is a great source for wood that's harvested in an ecologically friendly manner: www.notablewoods.com

• Another source for wood and other supplies is ALLIED LUTHERIE INC.: www.alliedlutherie.com

• For hardware, tools and all manner of luthiers' supplies, go to "StewMac" - STEWART-MACDONALD: www.stewmac.com

Our Community:

• We're located just outside of wonderful WINNIPEG BEACH, Manitoba - set on the west shore of Lake Winnipeg. You'll find fisher people, farmers, artists of every possible genre...and just all-round great people. It was also the setting for the TV series "Falcon Beach".  www.winnipegbeach.ca

Just within 'shouting distance' of C. F. Casey Guitars is anther great artist:

• Our neighbour Heidi Hunter's shop, "RUNS WITH SCISSORS" is a fabric artist's heaven!: www.runswithscissors.ca She has a great event twice a year - "Proutopia" - where her property becomes a crafters' fair! You should check it out!

For A Good Time:

• You just can't beat THE WINNIPEG FOLK FESTIVAL for an incredible four days of music!  www.winnipegfolkfestival.ca

• Want to travel the world in two weeks? At FOLKLORAMA you experience the sights, sounds and flavours of countries from around the globe: www.folklorama.ca

ISLENDINGADAGURINN! Okay, you don't have to be able to say it to come to Gimli's Annual Icelandic Festival. Vikings and vinetarta, anyone?: www.icelandicfestival.com

• Have you been hit by the Ukulele wave? if so, go to the Guru of the Uke, JIM BELOFF. He and his wife LIZ are THE people to know if you have anything to do with this versatile little instrument: www.fleamarketmusic.com

For Others:

• Why Stephen Lewis hasn't received a Nobel Prize is beyond us. Please go to THE STEPHEN LEWIS FOUNDATION website and see what this incredible man is doing to bring awareness to the plight of HIV/AIDS in Africa, and what you can do to help: www.stephenlewisfoundation.org

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